2018/03/29 9:30 am

 2018/03/29 12:00 pm

 Observatory Community Hall

 Mamelani Projects

021 448 2725

Mamelani will be hosting a series of conversations this year about issues affecting young people transitioning from care. The idea is to create environments where young people and professionals can discuss and learn about the issues most affecting them. We’d like to strengthen the relations between organisations in the hope that they may tap into existing resources in the sector. The first conversation, ‘”It’s not just a stock cube” A conversation about foreign children and youth in care’, will bring to light some of the underlying themes that influence the pathways of foreign children and youth in care. We intend to explore the experiences of children, youth and the people who work with foreign national children in care settings. If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP with
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