Our Youth Transitions facilitators, Charlene Hill and Abigail Hendricks, attended a Forum Theatre Workshop with Community Development Resource Association in Woodstock. The workshop was three days long and they learnt fun ways to engage youth participants through the use of forum theatre, and through trust games, and energizers.

Abigail’s highlights:

  1. Connecting with both local and international people doing amazing work across the world.
  2. Learning about the theatre of the oppressed and our understanding of power in society
  3. Exploring non-verbal activities such as sculpting our bodies as statues when exploring our understanding of themes such as stigma, racism, gender violence.


Charlene’s takeaways:

  1. Through games you can connect with people and build trust.
  2. Theatre can be used to help people express what is going on for them and look at a situation differently.
  3. You can externalise what is going on for you internally.
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