MaMeLanI 2016 annUaL RePORT

This report paints a different picture, tells a different story – instead of anonymous statistics and fearmongering about all that is going wrong in South Africa, it tells stories of resilience and of strength, stories of hope, celebration and of people rising strong, despite the very real challenges of our time.

Our hope is that through our work we touch people’s lives in ways that make their strengths more visible to them; make them more open to re-connecting to themselves and others and to experiencing a renewed sense of hope about the things that they value and are working towards. Our experience as the team doing this work, is that through this work, we ourselves are also changed – challenged to continue ourselves to see our own strengths, to continually find hope, to celebrate successes and stand in the fire with others as they walk this road, having the courage to face whatever their journeys bring

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