Mamelani once again partnered with the K-Way Three Peaks Challenge this year and we were honoured to have a team of 9 runners running for our cause. Our Three Peaks Challenge Mamelani Movers blew us away with their incredible fundraising campaign which managed to raise just under R26 000 in less than two months! A Huge Thank you to all the runners and their supporters!

This year also marks the third year that Mamelani Movers have taken up the Challenge to run this incredible race and dedicate their individual races to raise funds for our programmes. We are especially grateful to the 5 runners who ran for the second time and to Gavin Snell, the Three Peaks Challenge co-organiser who dedicated his 20th Three Peaks Challenge run to Mamelani this year!

Mamelani Projects family is overwhelmed with the amazing dedication that all the 9 runners showed – and would like to extend our thanks to the 85 individuals who backed the runners on their run! We are deeply grateful to each and every one of them for the role they played in the success of the campaign! We can’t wait to have them as part of our team again in 2017.

We would like to extend our thanks to the companies that sponsored prizes for the top fundraisers. Shout out to our top  Mamelani Movers – Gavin Snell, Petrus de Klerk and Stephen Davis. A special mention goes to Gavin Snell who went way beyond the R2000 target, raising R 10 226.11  for Mamelani!

At the heart of our work is the practice of building relationships – and so we want to honour the relationship that we have built with the Three Peaks Challenge runners and organisers.

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